Justride Express

Mobile Ticketing Available in 90 Days

Justride Express is a radical new offering from Masabi, giving small and mid-sized transit agencies and private operators a world class, deployment proven, and complete mobile ticketing platform for a cost-effective monthly fee and no upfront costs. The system is deployable in less than 90 days and is available on a one year pilot contract.


Bring your passengers the market leading mobile ticketing platform, used by over 30 transport agencies and operators around the globe, including; New York MTA, Boston MBTA, Las Vegas RTC, Keolis, National Express & Preston Bus.

Download the Justride Express Information Pack.

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Justride Express Includes:

– Market leading branded mobile ticketing application.
– Secure and reliable cloud-based back office for reporting and analytics, customer service, and fare management.
– 24/7 support 365 days a year.
– And much more…

Justride Express App

The app enables passengers to buy and display tickets on their smartphones in seconds. In just a few taps, tickets can be purchased for any form of public transportation. Express tickets include:

  • Visual digital ticket
  • Dynamic & encrypted barcode ticket
  • Offline ticket activation
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The JustRide Hub showing graphics on a laptop screen

Justride Express Hub

The secure and scalable cloud-based back office enables staff to manage tariffs, check ticket sales data, access revenue and usage reports, analyze key operational trends, manage customer service requests, monitor validation assets and much more.

Justride Express Information Pack

Justride Express is a radical new offering from Masabi, giving small and mid-sized transit agencies and private operators a world class, deployment proven, and complete mobile ticketing platform.

Justride Express is available for:

  • A cost-effective monthly fee.
  • Has no upfront costs.
  • Will be deployed within 90 days.
  • Available on a one year pilot contract.

Download the Justride Express Information Pack



Agency Benefits

Increased Passenger Satisfaction
No more waiting in line. Shorter journey times & reduced dwell times.

Data and Analytics
Access real-time data across the transit network.

No Capital Cost
There is no capital expenditure required for JustRide Express.

Quick to Market
JustRide Express will be deployed within 90 days.

Reduced Operational Costs
Lower operational costs through reduced ticket issuance & cash handling.

Increased Ticketing Capacity
JustRide Express uses Amazon Web Services to scale ticketing capacity as required.

Passenger Benefits

No More Waiting In Line
Simply buy your ticket anytime, anywhere.

Leveraging the Urban App Ecosystem
Link best-of-breed applications together connecting passengers.

No More Lost Tickets
Tickets reside in the JustRide Express Hub & can be easily transferred.

Purchase a Ticket in Seconds
Passengers can easily purchase tickets in less than 20 seconds.

Justride Express Pricing

To learn more about Justride Express click on the relevant link below and a member of the team will be in contact. Alternatively, you can also email: James.Gooch@masabi.com

Justride Express is available around the world and prices not listed above are available upon request.

New York MTA Passenger Feedback

The MTA eTix mobile ticketing app was deployed in the summer of 2016, and by October already accounts for 8% of total ticket sales. Passengers love using JustRide, but don’t take our word for it. Watch the MTA passenger feedback video to find out more.

mta etix feedback

NICE Bus mTicketing Case Study

NICE wanted to reduce dwell times at each stop by introducing a pay before you board option for passengers, speeding up journey times, reducing cash handling and improving operations. Download the case study to learn how they achieved this.

NICE Bus in New York

Preston Bus mTicketing Case Study

Preston Bus were looking to deploy a new ticketing solution to reduce dwell times by 50%, increase passenger satisfaction and attract new riders to their services. Download the case study to learn why Preston Bus chose Masabi’s JustRide Platform.


You can also call: 914-715-4948 (US) or +44 (0)207 089 8860 (UK) Referencing Justride Express.

Justride Express is designed for Transit Authorities and Transport Operators with under 100 vehicles and under $10m in annual fare revenue. Terms and conditions apply and are available upon request.