Masabi first brought train ticket retailing to UK rail passengers in 2007 with a Chiltern-Masabi partnership.

Since then Masabi has continued bringing numerous innovations to the market and currently provides ticketing and validation services to 11 UK rail operators.

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UK Rail Customer Apps

Our UK Rail Customer apps are in the hands of millions of passengers across the UK, enabling people to buy tickets on their smartphones.

Tickets are available to collect from ticket vending machines, print at home or displayed on smartphones as an mTicket.

UK Rail apps can integrate with any vendors system, including; Ticket Issuing Systems and National Rail Enquiries.

Each app is customised to suit the need of the operator.

Justride Inspect Validation Suite

The Justride Inspect Validation Suite allows for the validation of ticket media across various environments, a gated station, on-board vehicles, conductors and platforms.

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JustRide Inspect Validation Suite

ITSO Lite is an add on service for the Inspect App designed to read ITSO smartcards. Using off the shelf Android devices ITSO smartcards can be read by conductors and staff members.

Justride Hub

The cloud-based back-end Hub drives scalable ticketing sales and results in increased fare staff capacity, improved customer service, reduced leakage and better data and reporting.

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UK Rail innovations

• 2007 First UK rail mobile tickets. Chiltern Railways, Masabi were the first to supply rail passengers with tickets delivered to their mobile phones.

• 2008 Barcode standard ratified. Masabi developed a new standard for secure barcode rail ticketing.

• 2010 Masabi Trainline deal. Masabi sign a deal to supply the Trainline with a branded mobile retailing platform.

• 2010 Optimised gate scanning. Masabi collaborated with Access IS to produce optimised mobile barcode scanners for use in high volume, mass-transit situations. Achieving gate scanning in under half a second.

• 2011 First Walkup mTickets. Chiltern Railways and Masabi launch the first cross-platform mobile barcode apps, delivering the first integrated mobile ticketing system that enables passengers to buy, instantly receive and validate tickets through an app on their mobile phone.

• 2011 First Watermarking tickets. CrossCountry Trains and Masabi launch the first mobile tickets with animated watermarking designed to aid recognition of counterfeit tickets by staff who do not carry digital validation equipment.

• 2011 First free mobile real time information. CrossCountry Trains and Masabi launch the first mobile application delivering NRE real time information at no cost to the user.

• 2012 Smart card buddy launch. A proof-of-concept Android application called ‘Smart Card Buddy Beta’ that is capable of reading and displaying the contents of ITSO-based transport ticketing smart cards.

• 2013 Second generation barcode ticketing. In 2012 Masabi submitted the second generation of mobile ticketing standards for ratification by ATOC. These include innovations such as animated water marking for visual validation, support for season and carnet tickets and messaging protocols for interoperable ticket validation databases to unlock eTicket interoperation between operators and ticket vendors.

• 2014 Launch of Inspect app. Mobile apps used for scanning barcode tickets used by several UK TOCs.

• 2014 Interoperable barcode ticketing trial. Masabi launch interoperable mobile barcode ticketing in the York to Edinburgh stretch of the East Coast mainline with participating TOCs Transpennine, CrossCountry, Northern and EastCoast.

• 2015 11th UK Rail deployment goes live with East Midlands Trains.

UK Rail Mobile Ticketing Route Map

UK Rail map showing barcode mobile ticketing routes

As mobile ticketing expands across the UK Rail network we will continue to push for what we see as the future of ticketing for UK rail; being able to buy any ticket, at any time, to anywhere, on any route and never having to queue for a ticket - making every journey better.

UK Rail Mobile Ticketing Route Map

The Future of Transport Ticketing Begins Here:

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