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    Delight riders and lower costs with mobile ticketing.
    JustRide from Masabi is the complete mobile ticketing, validation and data solution

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  • We are saving thousands of dollars by not installing costly, static vending machines, saving on ticket production and eliminating cash transactions – all while making riders commutes easier.
  • Masabi have been excellent for First TransPennine Express in the development of and successful launch of our mobile solution. They have taken the time to understand FTPE’s business objectives and have delivered a mobile technology that is ideally suited to the needs of our customers.
  • Masabi and Atos’ innovative approach to both transport ticketing and mobile has provided us with a secure and easy to use mTicketing platform that has the potential to revolutionise the way in which customers interact with us and use our services.
  • We’re elated… it is pretty exciting to see. Our feeling is that this is a revolutionary change, not an evolutionary change. We feel we are leading other agencies being in front of this sort of thing. Other (transit) agencies are looking at mobile ticketing right now, but we’ve gone out and done this.

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