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The Future of Transport Ticketing & Payments

At Masabi we are building the future of transit ticketing & payments, helping passengers move from a to b – creating seamless journeys from the moment you walk out your front door until you reach your destination.

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Our vision has always been to bring fare collection innovations to operators of all sizes that revolutionize the passenger experience, increase transit ridership, while providing cost-effective solutions for our agency partners.

‘Mobile First’ Ticketing for Public Transit

Masabi offers fare collection-as-a-service to transport providers around the world for all modes of public transport. Justride is a cloud-based fare collection platform unifying account-based and pre-pay ticketing into a single configurable solution. Justride’s SaaS architecture and ‘Mobile First‘ approach allow transport providers of all sizes to deliver innovation quickly, delighting passengers and reducing costs, while increasing efficiency and data insights.

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The Justride fare collection platform is live with over 30 transport authorities and operators around the globe, making it the most widely deployed end-to-end mobile ticketing platform in operation today.

The beauty of Justride is that it is available to transit agencies and operators around the globe, no matter their size. We have two flavours: The Justride Platform for larger organisations, and Justride Express for smaller agencies.


Justride Retail

Enabling passengers to bring their own ticket, Justride Retail allows agencies to choose how they would like to sell tickets to riders;

  • White label app
  • (White label) SDK
  • White label web portal



Justride Inspect

Validating tickets across all modes of public transit, the Inspect Validation Suite combines optimal user experience with a fast, multi-format and future-proof design. The suite is made up of three core products, but can be customized depending on integration requirements.

  • Inspect Validator
  • Inspect Handheld App
  • Inspect Gateline Integration Kit


Justride Hub

The secure and scalable cloud-based back office enables staff to manage tariffs, check ticket sales data, access revenue and usage reports, analyze key operational trends, manage customer service requests, monitor validation assets and much more.


Passengers Love to Just Ride…

New York MTA mTicketing Video

The MTA eTix mobile ticketing app was deployed in the summer of 2016, and by October already accounted for 8% of total ticket sales.

mta etix feedback video
Boston MBTA mTicketing Video

The MBTA mTicket app was the first US mobile ticketing deployed in 2012, and sells 60% of its single-ride commuter rail tickets.

mbta mobile ticketing feedback

Justride Account-Based Ticketing Capabilities

New capabilities for the Justride means riders no longer need to buy a ticket before boarding, they simply tap using stored value from their cloud-based Justride account, paying for their journey after it has taken place at the best possible fare. As well as mobile barcode tickets, the multi-format platform facilitates the use of a variety of fare media, including; contactless payment cards, smartcards, digital wallets and more.

Account-Based Ticketing Masabi

The Future of Transport Ticketing Begins Here:

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