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Welcome to the Future of Transport Ticketing

Masabi is the global leader in mobile ticketing for transportation. We help make city transport smarter by simplifying ticketing, validation and management for transport authorities and operators around the globe, enabling passengers to use what they have in their pocket to travel.

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Mobile Ticketing for Transportation

 Masabi offers fare collection-as-a-service to transport providers around the world for all modes of public transport.

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Passenger Benefits

JustRide means passengers never have to carry cash or wait in line to buy a ticket. We improve daily life by making it quick and easy for passengers to get where they need to go.

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Authority & Operator Benefits

Mobile Ticketing helps streamline fare collection, validation and management, Improving operations while adding near infinite sales capacity with minimal capital expenditure.

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The JustRide fare collection platform is live with over 25 transport authorities and operators around the globe, making it the most widely deployed end-to-end mobile ticketing platform in operation today.
JustRide is made up of the JustRide application which allows passengers to buy and display tickets on their phone and streamlined fare collection and management for transport providers via the JustRide Hub. Completing the end-to-end solution is the JustRide Inspect Validation Suite.
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Live Deployments of JustRide (as of March 2016)

The Future of Transport Ticketing Begins Here:

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