Why Transit Agencies and Operators Choose Masabi

Over 250 Transit Agencies and Operators have partnered with Masabi across the world. Here are a few examples of live fare collection case studies:

Greater Cleveland RTA, SARTA, Metro RTA, NEOride & Laketran 

We asked some of the transit agencies participating in the EZfare regional fare collection system what they think of Masabi and the Justride fare collection platform.

Here is what they said…

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RTA Dayton makes it equitable, safe and easy for public transit riders with Account-Based Ticketing.

Greater Dayton Regional Transit Authority opted to accelerate its transition to contactless ticketing using a Fare Payments as-a-Service systems delivery model. Instead of selecting a bespoke single instance fare collection system which would be expensive to build, operate and maintain and take years to go live, Dayton adopted Masabi’s tried and trusted ‘Mobile First’ approach and launched mobile ticketing with visually validated passes. The rest of the system was then deployed in manageable stages over the following months to enable rapid innovation. Dayton introduced new reloadable smartcards to deliver Account Based Ticketing to all riders, serving those who may not have access to a smartphone. By making it easier to purchase tickets at over 300 local retailers and at new Ticket Vending Machines, Dayton further streamlined the transit experience by removing cash payments onboard vehicles.

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Dayton tapp pay app

“With the help of our partners at Masabi, we are able to deliver fare equity through fare capping for our customers who are least able to pay the upfront costs of monthly passes, and as a result traditionally end up paying the most at the end of the month.”

Brandon Policicchio, Chief Customer Officer at Greater Dayton RTA

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“We have been thrilled with the success of the project to date. Expanding access to EZfare via third party Apps like Transit Uber and Moovit, puts NEORide partners’ transit offer in front of new audiences who are used to booking rideshare, but would not normally consider public transit as an option.”

Katherine Conrad, Director of Client Services at NEORide

NEORide rolls out EZfare regional fare payment system across 14 transit agencies, three states and four apps.

EZfare’s journey started with creating a standalone EZfare mobile ticketing app powered by Masabi and integrating EZfare mobile ticketing, via its Software Development Kit (SDK), into Transit app. This followed with further ticketing launches in Uber and Moovit – making it easier for riders to discover, buy and use public transit tickets in applications people already have on their phones. EZfare deployed onboard validation with Justride Validator (JRV) and HID Val100 units across the agencies. Riders can also use cash to make purchases using the EZfare mobile ticketing app and the Transit app by depositing funds into their EZfare Stored Value accounts at thousands of retail locations across Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and nationwide.

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From Mobile Ticketing to Mobility-as-a-Service with Uber and Transit in Denver. 

Masabi first launched mobile ticketing services for RTD in the fall of 2017 with the popular agency-branded RTD Mobile Tickets app, which enables riders to conveniently purchase, download and display tickets to travel across all modes of transit in the Denver area. With many Denverites still choosing to drive over public transit services, RTD committed to a plan to provide more integrated mobility options and in May 2019, Denver became the world’s first city to enable riders to purchase public transit tickets and ride public transport seamlessly through the Uber app using Uber Transit ticketing. This new service meant Uber users could jump in an Uber, then onto a bus or train, all from the same application, planning and paying seamlessly.

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RTD rail

“Our mobile ticketing sales channel just utterly exceeded all of our expectations. It literally just crushed it.”

Tonya Anderson, Senior Product Manager, Electronic Fare Operations at RTD in Denver


“We know that transit is at the heart of ensuring economic mobility for all in our region and advancing this new digital fare payment system is truly the right thing to do”

Joanna M. Pinkerton, President/CEO at COTA

COTA is Transforming the Way Central Ohioans Move with Account-Based Ticketing

Account-Based Ticketing is on a roll in Central Ohio. COTA partnered with Masabi and mobility app Transit to implement a fully digital account-based fare management system- one that offers ease, convenience and security- for passengers to locate and pay for rides using the Transit app or a COTA smartcard, eliminating the need to purchase passes or select fares before boarding.

COTA’s new solution has been extremely popular with riders seeking greater fare flexibility with travel habits disrupted by the shift to more home working and flexible working hours. The new system has also helped COTA receive comprehensive rider data to optimize services as well as the new validation devices deliver a contactless and speedy boarding process reducing dwell times.

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Rochester rolls out Account-Based Ticketing and Mobility as a Service in upstate New York.

Rochester rolls out Account-Based Ticketing and Mobility as a Service in upstate New York. Case study Takeaways:

  • Mobile ticketing integrated into the Transit app for convenient and seamless (MaaS) rider
  • Account-Based Ticketing with smartcards and mobile removes the need for riders to buy tickets or
    select fares in advance – just tap and ride.
  • Fare-capping means riders are always charged the best price for their journey, delivering equity by
    enabling period passes for those who can’t afford to purchase them in advance.
  • Fare Payments as-a-Service (FPaaS) system delivery model enables constant updates and provides
    a cost-effective solution for RTS.
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RTS GO tap and ride

“As businesses in our region continue to open and adjust to new realities from the COVID-19 pandemic, RTS is happy to implement our new RTS Go fare payment system and provide customers with new and safe options to manage and pay their fares.”

“In addition to integrating a new mobile app and reloadable smartcards into our system, the technology behind RTS Go adds a new layer of safety for customers on the bus through contactless fare payment.”

Bill Carpenter, RTS CEO


“This new partnership allows us to make it easier for passengers to discover and access our services. We’re excited to be working with Masabi and Payzone to provide our passengers with a way of paying for National Express Bus services using cash.”

Daljit Kalirai, Sales director at National Express West Midlands

Bus passengers in the West Midlands can pay cash to buy digital tickets on their mobile phones at a network of 1300 retailers across the West Midlands.

  • Masabi’s smart ticketing technology has now won two Transport Ticketing Global Awards with National Express West Midlands.
  • Ability to pay cash to buy digital bus tickets rolled out at 1300 retailers across the West Midlands
  • Payzone uses Masabi’s Justride External Orders API to securely send visual and barcode tickets directly to passengers’ smartphones.
  • Partnership builds on award-winning student travel pass scheme introduced in 2017.
  • New ‘nBus’ multi-operator digital ticket enabled seamless travel across bus operators throughout the West Midlands from June 2021 – 2000 tickets sold in first two weeks.
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“This innovative app makes the fare collection process easier and more efficient for both Commuter Rail riders and the MBTA.”

Brian Shortsleece, Chief Administrator at MBTA

Mobile ticketing – the dominant sales channel for ticket sales. 

Instead of an expensive smartcard system, the MBTA looked to a mobile-ticketing solution. Masabi was chosen to pilot its innovative Justride fare payments platform. It took just seven months from signing the agreement to the full public launch of the Justride mobile ticketing platform with the MBTA – a dramatic improvement over traditional solutions that require huge and costly infrastructure such as ticket machines, gates, validation devices and the cards themselves. The app received positive coverage on the front-page of the Boston Globe, in local TV news, and from the Wall Street Journal.

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RTC of Southern Nevada: From Mobile to Practical MaaS to cash digitization in Las Vegas.

RTC faced a very specific challenge with its ridership. Its services cater not only for residents in the Las Vegas area but are also a vital connection for the city’s most important economic driver – the Strip. RTC’s RideRTC app, powered by Masabi, was already a relied upon and much used mobile ticket tool by its regular riders. However, the high volume of tourists to Las Vegas’ attractions meant RTC effectively needed to cater for new ridership every few days. RTC partnered with Masabi using our multi-tenant Justride fare payments platform to offer tourists a more convenient and efficient way of getting from A to B in and around the Strip. Rather than try to bring this segment of users to the RideRTC app, the agency decided to integrate with the MaaS apps which are already on millions of people’s phones and on which they rely and trust. Using Masabi’s Justride SDK, RTC was able to easily integrate with Uber, the world’s leading ride hailing app, and Transit, North America’s most popular journey planning app which was already being used by 50,000 residents and visitors across Southern Nevada every day.

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Uber Transit RTC Bus 1

“Creating a seamless experience for our residents and visitors to move easily and conveniently among multiple modes of transportation is the future of public transit, and we’re proud to be one of the first agencies to embrace it. Masabi has been instrumental in enabling us to take practical steps towards delivering a city-wide MaaS experience that works for both residents and visitors. Integrating our rideRTC systems into the popular Uber and Transit apps has transformed the rider experience and made our services more accessible to more riders.”

M.J. Maynard, CEO of the RTC

EMT Valencia

““This new app will not only help to modernize our services, but also offer EMT Valencia passengers a safe, convenient and immediate way to purchase tickets. We are excited to be deploying Masabi’s market-leading mobile ticketing platform to allow our passengers to manage their entire transit experience from a single app anytime, anywhere, and to be the first city in Spain to introduce an entirely cash-free onboarding service.”

Councilman for Sustainable Mobility and President of EMT, Giuseppe Grezzi of EMT Valencia

Mobile ticketing system sees EMT Valencia eliminate on-board cash payments.

  • The EMTicket app, launched in August 2020 in record time, has enabled EMT Valencia to quickly overcome the logistical challenges forced upon it by the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • EMT Valencia deployed a solution that led to reduced dwell times while also providing Covid-safe payment solutions for its passengers, ending on-board cash payments completely.
  • Following the successful launch of the EMTicket app, EMT Valencia has developed their current mobile ticketing offering, making 5-ticket and10-ticket carnets available.
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VIA goMobile+, Mobile Ticketing in multiple apps and supporting cash riders 

VIA operates more than 500 buses and handles more than 36 million passenger trips every year. This case study explores to launch of  IA’s goMobile+ fare collection system and covers:

  • VIA goMobile+, Masabi’s Justride white-label mobile ticketing app configured to VIA’s brand guidelines.
  • Masabi integration with Transit app, providing passengers with the ability to purchase tickets and passes within North America’s most popular trip planning app.
  • VIA goMobile+ Tickets Web Portal, an online payments portal where riders can buy tickets online and push them to VIA goMobile+ and use them on the go.
  • InComm Payments network enables cash-paying riders to top up VIA goMobile+ and Transit accounts at more than 200 retail locations in San Antonio.
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“VIA is committed to bringing modern technology and payment options to our customers by introducing ticketing in goMobile+ and Transit app. In doing so, we are providing the best technology platforms that will enable our customers to plan and pay for multi-modal trips in San Antonio. And with both apps allowing the use of credit card or cash payments, we are offering more solutions to help connect our customers with work, school, shopping and more.”

Jeffrey C. Arndt, VIA, President & CEO 

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