Get Certified

Justride Ready Certification Scheme

Masabi’s certification scheme is designed to be straightforward, ensuring that our companies align seamlessly to create strong, collaborative partnerships. With three clear phases, we make the journey from registration to certification efficient and supportive.

How to Get Certified

1. Get Registered

Begin your journey by registering with Masabi. This initial phase sets the stage for a successful partnership, starting with simple, straightforward steps.

2. Get Approved

Once registered, the qualification phase evaluates your business functions and educates you on Masabi and the Justride platform, ensuring a successful partnership.

Approved partners can start bidding with Masabi and get promoted to Justride agencies.

3. Get Certified

Certification is completed when your solution goes live and is proven in the field. This phase ensures all systems are go, aligning capabilities, confirming compatibility, and establishing commercial and support models.

As a certified partner, you’ll ensure trust in bids and with Justride customers.

Support Every Step of the Way

Masabi supports partners with comprehensive onboarding, training, and marketing support. We work together on go-to-market (GTM) campaigns, promoting our joint value propositions to ensure maximum impact.

Onboarding & Training

  • Receive thorough onboarding to integrate seamlessly with Masabi’s ecosystem.
  • Benefit from tailored training sessions to get your team up to speed.

Marketing Support

  • Collaborate on marketing campaigns that highlight our combined strengths.
  • Access co-branded materials and joint promotional opportunities

Joint Campaigns

  • Leverage Masabi’s market reach to enhance your visibility.
  • Participate in strategies that position our partnership for success.

Join Masabi’s Justride Ready Partner Network

Do you supply transit solutions and services such as; Validators, Ticket Vending Machines, CAD/AVL Systems, Gateline Units, PoS Devices, Systems Integration services, Field Services, Payment Gateways, Acquiring Services, Mobile Apps or MaaS services?

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