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Leading Fare Payments Platform

Masabi’s Justride is the leading fare payments platform for public transport, helping agencies move away from expensive, stagnant and closed bespoke fare collection systems by enabling the delivery of Fare Payments-as-a-Service. With over 100 agencies of all sizes across 10 countries signed up, Justride is leading the movement away from bespoke and expensive ticketing systems.

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Justride Account-Based Ticketing Capabilities

Account-Based Ticketing, Contactless EMV and Cash Digitization.

Justride Platform

Justride is one platform configured in different ways for all our partners. Agencies benefit from the latest ticketing innovations delivered quickly and cost-effectively, with regular feature updates everyone on the platform benefits from.

justride fare payments-as-a-service platform

Justride Modules

Agencies and operators can deploy a complete system or select a module. Because Justride is delivered using a Fare Payments-as-a-Service delivery model, services can be live quickly, cost-effectively and with constantly updating features and functionality.

account based ticketing from ticket to cloud

Account-Based Ticketing

Passengers simply tap their smartcard, mobile phone or paper barcode without needing to buy a ticket, or select a fare, before traveling. Justride is bringing the benefits of Account-Based Ticketing to agencies of all sizes and budgets.

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contactless emv ticketing by card or phone

Contactless EMV (cEMV)

Just tap your contactless bank card or mobile wallet to travel. No need to buy a ticket or select a fare. Justride is making contactless EMV ticketing available to agencies of all sizes, quickly and cost-effectively.

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mobile ticketing app

Mobile Ticketing

Masabi is the leading Mobile Ticketing provider for public transport. Agency branded and regional mobile apps can be live in a matter of days.

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mobility as a service app

Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Need public transport tickets for your MaaS app? We help enable MaaS using the world’s first mobile ticketing SDK for public transport. The Justride SDK allows agencies to retail tickets though leading 3rd party apps, MaaS apps and journey planners.

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Justride Platform

justride retail


Enabling passengers to bring their own ticket, Justride Retail allows agencies to choose how they would like to sell tickets to riders;

    • White label apps
    • Mobile ticketing SDK Integrations
    • White label web portals
    • Ticketing APIs
    • Contactless bank cards
    • Paper barcode tickets
    • Smartcards
justride hub


The secure and scalable cloud-based back office enables staff to manage tariffs, check ticket sales data, access revenue and usage reports, analyze key operational trends, manage customer service requests, monitor validation assets and much more.

justride inspect validation suite


Validating tickets across all modes of public transit, the Inspect Validation Suite combines optimal user experience with a fast, multi-format and future-proof design. The suite is made up of five core products but can be customized depending on integration requirements.

    • Justride Validator
    • Inspect for the Val100
    • Inspect Handheld App
    • Inspect Gateline Integration Kit
    • Inspect SDK

Justride Customers

Providing Fare Payments-as-a-Service to over 100 public transport agencies and operators of all sizes around the globe.

masabi customer deployments

The Benefits of Justride

cost effective


Justride helps reduce capital, maintenance and update costs.

quick to deploy


Mobile Ticketing apps and the Justride SDK can be live in  weeks (16 days for Nikko Kotsu Bus in Japan) and once a feature is built it can be turned on for all agencies on the platform.

free updates

Regular Updates

New functionality is delivered regularly to everyone on the platform.

open api integrations

Open Integrations

Justride has an open API centric architecture helping link with new or existing systems and services.

fare payments roadmap

Future-Proof Roadmap

Justride has a comprehensive roadmap of new features and capabilities removing the complexity of running ticketing services and helping agencies keep up with the pace of technology change.

MaaS Enabled

Mobility as a Service Enabled

Justride is helping enable MaaS for public transport (via the Justride SDK) by integrating tickets, fares and payments within best-of-breed MaaS services. The SDK is helping enable MaaS for over 23 transit agencies around the globe.

community connections


Justride helps all riders to travel by enabling concessions, entitlements, corporate programmes, cash digitization and dematerialization using a digital-first approach, saving money and increasing convenience.

tap and ride account based ticketing

Account-Based Fare Payments

Justride enables the delivery of tickets, but also facilitates the latest Account-Based Ticketing experiences, meaning riders no longer need to buy a ticket or understand fares to travel. Account-Based Ticketing is live in Fort Collins, US.

Justride Awards

We think Justride is great, but don’t just take our word for it. Ask the panels of judges who have made Justride the most awarded fare payments platform in the world.

justride awards

The RTD in Denver

Justride deployed in 2017.

Fare Payments-as-a-Service

A NEW and BETTER way of delivering fare payment services to agencies and passengers.

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