Hi, I’m Ben Whitaker, one of the original founders of Masabi.

I became known in the fare collection industry in 2007 for voicing new ideas that challenged the accepted solutions of the day, such as bringing mTickets into the mainstream, and around the savings of time, cost and risk from using shared SaaS platforms instead of buying everything bespoke. Welcome to my page where we discuss all things transit related. If you like what I post, check back in to find out more about what will be coming along next!

Transit Voices Podcast

The Transit Voices podcast will be speaking with other voices from the transit community to hear their new challenging views and projects, hopefully, so that the best new ideas can spread.

On this episode of Transit Voices, Ben Whitaker welcomes one of the industry’s most inspirational leaders, India Birdsong Terry, the General Manager and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority.  India, who took the helm of GCRTA just before Covid, delves into her decision to maintain fare collection during […]
This month’s episode of Transit Voices delves into the intricate world of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) with Sampo Hietanen, the visionary behind the travel app Whim. Coming on the heels of MaaS Global’s bankruptcy filing in Finland, Sampo shares invaluable insights from the two-decade journey of all-in mobility innovations. […]
This month on Transit Voices we go beyond the headlines with Carlos Felipe Pardo from Colombia, a champion cyclist who then became a mobility and urban transport policy adviser for organizations such as the UN and the World Bank.   In the conversation with Masabi co-founder Ben Whitaker, Carlos explains […]
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Ben's Blog

Blog posts and explainers featured here are about things we do at Masabi as well as what we believe will shape the transit of tomorrow, and how we think it will benefit riders and agencies.