Rider Experience

The Ticket Machine in Your Pocket or Card in Your Wallet

Rider Experience

Justride puts the passenger and user experience first by leading the market in user experience best practices to ensure high adoption.

Enabling passengers to bring their own tickets, Justride powers agency choice by delivering best-in-class solutions to meet your rider’s needs. Passengers can use the ‘ticket machine in their pocket’ or the ticket in their wallet and just ride.

masabi branded contactless emv card

Contactless Cards

Justride supports contactless bank or credit cards (contactless EMV), as a secure open-loop token. There are no barriers to enabling the card to work on the first time of use. Passengers can use the card already in their pocket and tap to pay. This makes it a great option for attracting new riders.

Justride mobile ticketing application and ticket

Justride App

Masabi’s Justride App is the largest mobile ticketing app in the world, processing the largest number of fares. It is an agency-branded app designed to make ticket purchase and management simple, reliable and secure.

masabi branded smartcard

Smart cards

Smartcards have the benefit of being able to be used by people who may not have a smartphone or contactless bank card and they also work well for enabling concessions and discounts. Justride powers account-based agency-branded cards for cities of all sizes.

Justride SDK

Ticketing in 3rd-Party Apps

The Justride Ticketing SDK integrates Mobile Ticketing and Account-Based Ticketing functionality into 3rd party applications and enables them to offer a secure ticket and account-based pass to passengers.

apple pay on phone

Mobile Payments

Using mobile payments enables users to use their phone as a token and travel across the transport network in a similar way to a contactless bank card, but without the plastic, using services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.

justride paper barcode ticket with barcode

Paper Barcode

Paper barcode tickets are a great cost-effective solution but should be limited to single rides.

Agency-Branded Web Portal

The Justride Web Portal provides agencies with a full web experience for purchasing tickets to deliver to the mobile device and for managing accounts. It is a white-label offering so can be branded to perfectly reflect the look and feel of our agency partners.

Justride Web Portal

Justride External Orders API

The Justride External Orders API is a fast, effective and environmentally friendly way to deliver concessions to riders. The service links to 3rd party websites or web portals and pushes tickets to a user’s Justride account.

The service was first used by National Express Bus in the UK, so students could purchase student passes and get tickets sent straight to their phones.

Justride External Orders API
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