Fare Payments as a Service

Fare Payments Platform for Public Transit

At Masabi we believe a new Fare Payments system allowing passengers to just tap and ride, without needing to buy a ticket or understand fares, should be available to every passenger and every transit agency around the globe, without prohibitive costs or taking years to deliver.

By providing a Fare Payments platform which is constantly improving and connected with leading mobility applications (for full first-last mile journeys) Masabi is helping passengers move seamlessly from A to B, attracting more people to conveniently ride public transit.

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Justride Fare Payments Platform
Masabi’s Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform. It’s one platform configured in different ways for all our agency partners, with regular feature updates everyone can benefit from. Transit agencies and operators can sign up to mobile ticketing services, enable Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and deploy an account-based system allowing passengers to simply tap a contactless bank card, mobile device and smartcard to travel, without needing to buy a ticket or understand fares.
With over sixty five agencies of all sizes across ten countries signed up, Justride is the world’s leading Fare Payments platform, serving the largest transit agency in the US to local bus operators.
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Introducing Fare Payments as a Service
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Over 55% Mobile Ticketing Adoption for Available Tickets
MBTA, Boston USA

Justride Capability Modules

account based ticketing from ticket to cloud

Account Based Ticketing

Account Based Ticketing is a ticketless way of allowing people to travel, meaning they simply tap or scan using a secure token (like a card or phone) linked to an account in the back office. The amount and location of taps calculates the fare, which is charged to the passenger post journey. With Justride we are making Account Based Ticketing available to agencies of all sizes and budgets around the globe.

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contactless emv ticketing by card or phone

Contactless EMV (cEMV)

Contactless EMV ticketing systems, which use contactless bank cards and mobile payments to allow passengers to travel, have traditionally taken years to deliver and been very expensive to implement and operate. As a result, they have been out of reach to the vast majority of transit agencies. Justride is making contactless ticketing available to agencies of all sizes, quickly and cost-effectively.

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mobile ticketing app

Mobile Ticketing

Masabi is the category creator in Mobile Ticketing and is the largest Mobile Ticket provider for public transport in the world. Branded mobile applications can be live in a matter of days and are available on a pay as you go basis.

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mobility as a service app

Enabling Mobility as a Service (MaaS)

Masabi is helping enable MaaS through the world’s first Mobile Ticketing SDK for public transport. This allows urban mobility providers, like journey planners and bike and ride sharing services, to integrate the market leading mobile ticketing platform into their applications.

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55% Riding the Bus More Since Using Justride
National Express Bus, UK

Justride Customers

Justride provides fare payments to over 65 public transport agencies and operators around the globe. It is the most used and complete mobile and Account Based Ticketing platform in operation, serving the largest agency in the USA to the smallest bus operator.

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“Thanks to Masabi technology, we are able to provide to French PTA’s a mobile ticket with the same validation and control experience for passengers as with the usual contactless card. This is absolutely critical to prevent fare evasion. Montargis and Orleans are the first cities in France that benefit from this new application and digital experience.”

Laurent Kocher, Executive Director, Marketing, Innovation and Services, Keolis Group, Orelans and Montargis France.
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Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform for public transport, helping transit agencies and operators reduce the cost, risk and complexity of deploying, maintaining and updating their ticketing system by delivering Fare Payments as a Service using a revenue share model and providing regular feature updates everyone signed up to the platform benefits from.
Justride Brochure
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“Our riders value convenience above all else when it comes to their transit experience, and this new service will eliminate a source of frustration. We are excited to expand the capabilities of our mobile ticketing service to include Metro, and hope it will improve the day-to-day experience for our riders.”

LA Metrolink, Los Angeles USA