Partner Network

Introducing Masabi’s Partner Categories

Masabi’s Justride Ready partner network is revolutionizing the fare payments industry, driving innovation and reducing lock-in. By forging strategic collaborations, we are expanding our ecosystem and setting new standards for urban mobility.

Rider Experience

Enhancing the journey for riders with technologies like journey-planning apps and real-time tracking. We make public transit more accessible and user-friendly, putting control directly in the hands of the riders.

Pay Enablement

Collaborating with financial service providers to secure efficient transactions in public transit. We build a robust financial backbone for seamless and secure fare collection.

Agency Ops (Solutions)

Partnering with hardware and software providers to power fare collection and validation systems. Our collaborations ensure innovative and reliable solutions.

Professional Services

Partnering with professional services firms and systems integrators for expert advice, implementation support, and continuous improvement. We ensure the long-term success of our solutions.

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Do you supply transit solutions and services such as; Validators, Ticket Vending Machines, CAD/AVL Systems, Gateline Units, PoS Devices, Systems Integration services, Field Services, Payment Gateways, Acquiring Services, Mobile Apps or MaaS services?

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