Inspect Validation Suite

Future-Proof Validation Solutions for Public Transport

Multi-format & Cost-effective Validation Solutions

The Inspect Validation Suite offers a range of fast, reliable and robust validation solutions for barcode, smartcard, cEMV and paper ticket validation. Available across all modes of public transit, including gate retrofitting, Inspect combines optimal user experience with multi-format future-proof design.

The suite is made up of five core products and can be customized depending upon integration requirements. Operating on the same remotely configurable Inspect Validation software, the suite is live with over 30 agencies across three continents around the globe, validating millions of tickets every year.

The Inspect Validation Suite

Justride Validator

Inspect for the Val100

Inspect for the Val100 is a future-proof and multi-format stand alone solution for use on buses, ferries and on station platforms. It is designed to quickly and robustly scan barcode tickets, along with EMV, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies.

Inspect App

The Inspect Handheld App allows staff to scan and decode both barcode and smartcard tickets. Each ticket can be scanned and decoded in less than 490 milliseconds. The Inspect App is available on both iPhone and Android devices.

JustRide Inspect Handheld app showing on smartphones
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Inspect SDK

The Inspect SDK integrates Inspect validation software into 3rd party hardware. It is designed to quickly and robustly scan barcode tickets, along with cEMV, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy technologies.

Justride Validator

The Justride validator is a multi-format ticket validation device for buses and trams, designed by Masabi to make Account Based Ticketing (ABT) affordable for transport authorities of any size. It enables the electronic validation of all major transport ticketing formats including contactless bank cards (cEMV), barcodes and smartcards (NFC).

gateline integration kit

Inspect Gateline Integration Kit

The Inspect Gateline Integration Kit integrated onto existing gates to allow validation for a range of tickets. It is designed to scan barcode tickets along with cEMV, NFC and Bluetooth Low Energy.

justride inspect validation suite

Inspect Deployments Around the Globe:


A Pathway To EMV

With the Inspect Validation Suite you are installing a validation solution which is media agnostic. It is designed to enable barcode and NFC ticket validation, but either comes pre-installed or is easily upgraded to include validation for ticketing technologies such as contactless EMV and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). By installing the Inspect Validation Suite you do not need to replace your hardware when installing new ticketing technologies.


In keeping with Masabi’s philosophy of helping transport providers reduce the cost of fare collection, the validation suite is designed to be extremely cost-effective. By using off-the-shelf devices and by allowing simple upgrades to enable other scanning technologies to work across the suite (NFC, EMV and BLE), the solution enables providers to future proof themselves, whatever technologies adopted.

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