JustRide mTicketing App

The Ticket Machine in Your Pocket

The JustRide Mobile Ticketing App

The JustRide mobile ticketing app enables passengers to buy and display mobile tickets on their smartphone. In just a few taps, mobile tickets can be purchased for any form of public transportation and are branded to perfectly reflect the visual identity of our customers.

Last year Masabi’s mobile tickets made over 26 million journeys quicker and more convenient around the globe. Our mobile ticketing apps are designed around optimal user experience and can be integrated with a range of payment options.

In addition, they can interface with other best-of-breed transit applications by deep-linking through a series of open API’s, or the JustRide SDK. It is simply a stable, user-friendly and evolving “ticket machine in your pocket”.

The JustRide Mobile Ticketing App is the Ticket Machine in Your Pocket
  • Customer’s ticket machine and mTicket.
  • Quick and secure purchase process.
  • Visual and dynamic encrypted barcode mobile tickets.
  • Access to tickets without an internet connection.
  • ‘Deeplink’ integration to best of breed apps.
justride mobile ticketing app
JustRide Mobile Ticketing App – Passenger Benefits:
no wait in line
No More Waiting in Line

Lines at ticket offices or at ticket vending machines are a source of frustration for every public transport rider. Mobile ticketing allows riders to skip lines and speed up boarding times.

purchase tickets in seconds
Purchase a Ticket in Seconds

Riders can easily purchase their first JustRide mobile ticket in less than 30 seconds. Thanks to stored recent trips and securely saved card details, the next purchase can be made in less than 10 seconds.

purchase tickets in seconds
Buy a Ticket Anywhere, Anytime

With a ticket machine on the phone, transport riders can purchase a ticket conveniently anywhere, any time.

no lost tickets
No More Lost Tickets

Because mobile tickets reside in the secure JustRide Hub tickets can be easily transferred, if lost, improving customer service without increasing risk.

Leveraging the Urban App Ecosystem

JustRide uses deeplinking API’s to enable passengers to purchase transport tickets and seamlessly surf between different applications to access city services such as bike share schemes, route planning and taxi services.

We help enable best-of-breed applications to link together across cities connecting passengers to first and last mile transportation services, enhancing city transport for all.

app ecosystem
Mobile Ticketing

The JustRide Brochure

Masabi’s JustRide mobile ticketing platform means that waiting in line for tickets is a thing of the past for passengers, while transport authorities and operators are able to drastically reduce the cost of their operations by using the ticket machine customers already have in their pocket – their smartphone.
This brochure runs through the following:
– JustRide Customer App.
– JustRide Inspect Suite.
– JustRide Hub.
– Customer Deployments.
Download the JustRide Brochure.
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