JustRide Hub

Fare Collection and Management Suite

The JustRide Hub

The JustRide Platform is powered by the JustRide Hub (This is where the magic happens!)

The JustRide cloud-based back end Hub enables Quick Results for transport providers by enabling the introduction of mobile ticketing in months, not years.  The Hub is Transit-Engineered built by people with deep transit and payments experience for the transit industry – and no one else. This has enabled a focus on flexibility, security, compliance, reliability and scalability.

The Future-Proof architecture means we are helping client move toward full account based ticketing and are compatible with all major transit systems and data sources. By installing the JustRide hub we help Reduce Costs as we deliver for a fraction of the cost of legacy ticketing or custom solutions.

the JustRide Hub
Hub Features Include:
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics
  • Customer Service Tools
  • Administer Back Office & Field Users
  • Real Time Fares Updates
  • And More…
The JustRide Hub is a secure, scalable, cloud-based platform for transit payments and analytics.
The Hub Empowers:
  • Rapid deployment of new fare types.
  • Scales to enable near infinite ticketing capacity.
  • Full access to fare collection data and other KPIs.
  • Helps reduce the cost of fare collection.
  • Improves cost predictability based on ticketing data.
The JustRide Hub showing payment graphics on a screen
The JustRide Hub allows transit providers to upgrade or replace legacy ticketing systems at a fraction of the cost of traditional options and at a minimum risk for our partners.
The JustRide Hub showing graphics on a laptop screen
The Hub is Secure, Scalable and Future-Proof:
  • Frees providers from vendor lock-in.
  • Seamlessly integrates with other vendors’ systems.
  • Low risk roll-out.
  • Data analytics for management, operations, finance and marketing.
Future-Proof: The Path to Account Based Ticketing

The JustRide Hub is a central cloud-based back office, allowing transport providers to take the first step on the road to full Account Based Ticketing. The Hub has been architected to help introduce account based products over time and help providers move to full Account Based Ticketing when required.

The JustRide Brochure

Masabi’s JustRide mobile ticketing platform means that waiting in line for tickets is a thing of the past for passengers, while transport authorities and operators are able to drastically reduce the cost of their operations by using the ticket machine customers already have in their pocket – their smartphone.
This brochure runs through the following:
– JustRide Customer App.
– JustRide Inspect Validation Suite.
– JustRide Hub.
– Customer Deployments.
Download the JustRide Brochure.
justride brochure