Justride Fare Payments Platform

One Platform. All Agencies. All Modes.

Justride Fare Payments Platform

Masabi’s Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform for public transport. It’s one platform configured in different ways for all our agency partners, with regular feature updates everyone can benefit from. Transit agencies and operators can sign up to mobile ticketing services, enable Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and deploy an account-based system allowing passengers to simply tap a contactless bank card, mobile device and smartcard to travel, without needing to buy a ticket or understand fares.

With over sixty five agencies of all sizes across ten countries signed up, Justride is the world’s leading Fare Payments platform, serving the largest transit agency in the US to local bus operators.

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The Problems with Bespoke Automated Fare Collection Systems
Transit agencies have always purchased their own bespoke Automated Fare Collection (AFC) systems. As a result, these solutions are expensive to build, maintain and update and come with characteristics which we believe are no longer necessary:
5. Expensive


Agencies are overpaying unnecessarily for fare collection by buying bespoke technology.
6. Slow

Slow to Deploy

Fare collection deployments using bespoke technology can take years to go live.
7. No Updates

No Updates 

Bespoke system do not benefit from regular free updates (unless a significant amount of money is spent).
8. Closed Solutions


Bespoke systems tend to be closed in nature and difficult to connect with new systems or enable MaaS (without expense).

Justride Platform

One Platform. All Agencies. All Modes.

Through the Justride Fare Payments platform, agencies can get ticketing innovations delivered quickly and cost-effectively using a platform which is constantly adding new features everyone can use, helping agencies keep up with the pace of technology change.

justride saas platform
cost effective


Reduced capital, maintenance and update costs.

quick to deploy


Once functionality is added to the platform it’s super quick to deploy.

free updates

Regular Updates

New functionality is delivered regularly to everyone.

open api integrations

Open Integrations

An open API centric architecture means the platform can link to existing (or new) systems.

fare payments roadmap

Future-Proof Roadmap

A roadmap of new features and capabilities removes the complexity of running ticketing services and allows agencies to keep up with the pace of technology change.

MaaS Enabled

Mobility as a Service Enabled

Enable MaaS for public transit through the Justride SDK and APIs linking tickets, fares and payments with best-of-breed
MaaS services.

community connections


Enabling concession, cash digitization and dematerialization with a digital-first approach, saving money and increasing convenience.

tap and ride account based ticketing

Account-Based Fare Payments

Justride enables the delivery of tickets but also facilitate the latest account-based ticketing experiences, meaning riders no longer need to buy a ticket or understand fares to travel.

Introducing Fare Payments as a Service

justride retail

Justride Retail

Enabling passengers to bring their own ticket, Justride Retail allows agencies to choose how they would like to sell tickets to riders;

    • White label apps
    • Mobile ticketing SDK Integrations
    • White label web portals
    • Ticketing APIs
    • Contactless bank cards
    • Paper barcode tickets
    • Smartcards
justride hub

Justride Hub

The secure and scalable cloud-based back office enables staff to manage tariffs, check ticket sales data, access revenue and usage reports, analyze key operational trends, manage customer service requests, monitor validation assets and much more.

justride inspect

Justride Inspect

Validating tickets across all modes of public transit, the Inspect Validation Suite combines optimal user experience with a fast, multi-format and future-proof design. The suite is made up of five core products but can be customized depending on integration requirements.

    • Justride Validator
    • Inspect for the Val100
    • Inspect Handheld App
    • Inspect Gateline Integration Kit
    • Inspect SDK
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“This new app puts riders first by eliminating the ticket line and helping New Yorkers and visitors get where they need to go with more freedom and convenience than ever before. We will continue to create a 21st century transit system that embraces innovation to ensure that we are building a stronger, more competitive New York.”

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, New York USA

Practical MaaS: The Justride SDK

The Justride SDK is a first for public transit, allowing urban mobility providers, like journey planners and bike and ride sharing services, to integrate the market leading mobile ticketing platform into their applications, connecting services together for a seamless user experience. This allows transit agencies and operators to turn on ticketing in third-party apps enabling Mobility as a Service (MaaS) in a practical and cost-effective way.

Justride SDK
55% Using the Bus More Since Using Justride
National Express Bus, UK

Justride Customers

Justride provides Fare Payments as a Service to over 65 public transport agencies and operators of all sizes around the globe.

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Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform for public transport, helping transit agencies and operators reduce the cost, risk and complexity of deploying, maintaining and updating their ticketing system by delivering Fare Payments as a Service using a revenue share model and providing regular feature updates everyone signed up to the platform benefits from.
Justride Brochure