• JustRide is the comprehensive mobile ticketing platform from Masabi used by transit agencies around the globe to improve customer satisfaction whilst reducing the cost of fare collection.

The JustRide Platform

Masabi’s JustRide platform is a cloud-based, end-to-end mobile ticketing and fare collection system, in use in cities worldwide. It comprises award-winning apps for ticket purchase, display and inspection, together with back-end infrastructure for secure payments, ticket management, ticket inspection, customer service, reporting and real-time analytics.

Masabi works with more than 22 transport operators and agencies around the world, including: Virgin Trains, Abellio, Arriva, Thames Clippers, New Orleans RTA, Boston’s MBTA, Las Vegas, Transport for Athens, and New York’s MTA.

Improve the customer experience with mobile ticketing, procured and running in weeks, not months or years.
JustRide is ready to give you:

JustRide Customer Apps

With ticket sales, offline stored tickets, schedules, maps and more, branded to your agency.

JustRide Hub

Real-time reporting on ticket sales, validation and system use, customer service administration and ticket management

JustRide Inspect

Validate tickets with low-cost off the shelf devices such as Android and iPhones or your existing hardware.

Why JustRide?

Unrivalled Experience

JustRide is developed by Masabi, who have an unrivalled experience and track record of designing, building, operating and maintaining cutting-edge and low investment Mobile Ticketing systems.

Most Awarded

JustRide is the most advanced mobile ticketing solution having been refined over the last seven years. In that time Masabi have been awarded for security, payments and ticketing, by the transit industry and the mobile industry alike for their groundbreaking mTicketing systems.

Agile Approach

JustRide is a flexible solution designed to scale investment where required, not tie you into huge long-term expensive contracts. Our smartphone validation software is on a ‘bring your own hardware’ model, allowing agencies to select the device that best suits them.

Fast Roll-Out

Masabi’s number of partners demonstrates our ability to rollout mobile ticketing quickly whilst costs are controlled. We can have a demo running on your handset within a week and Mobile Ticketing live within a few months, not years – to see how, contact us.

Deployment Proven

Masabi wrote the book on mobile ticketing, having set the open security standards for mobile rail ticketing in the UK. Masabi and JustRide currently works in partnership with over 22 leading transit agencies, operators and cities in the US, UK and Europe.

Transit Ticket Specialists

Masabi are dedicated to transit ticketing. All of our energy and resources go into making the JustRide platform and our partner’s apps the best Mobile Ticketing experiences available.

JustRide Brochure

Download the JustRide Brochure

Masabi’s JustRide mobile ticketing platform means that waiting in line for tickets is a thing of the past for passengers, while transport authorities and operators are able to drastically reduce the cost of their operations by using the ticket machine customers already have in their pocket – their smartphone.

This brochure runs through the following:
– JustRide Customer App.
– JustRide Inspect Suite.
– JustRide Hub.
– Customer Deployments.

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JustRide in Boston

The first Commuter Rail in the US to go live with Mobile Ticketing was the MBTA in Boston. After receiving front-page coverage in the Boston Globe, it was a top story on many local TV news stations and enthused about in technology press across the country.

Working with Masabi has been a pleasure. They understand the unique needs of transit agencies and intricacies of commuter rail ticketing. Their technology is first rate and their teams are always a pleasure to work with.

Read the Case Study

Just bought my first mobile #mbcr ticket with the new #mbta mTicket app. Super easy, great interface. Will def. make life easier :) @mbtaG
12 Nov

MBTA’s making mobile e-tickets for the Commuter Rail now?! No more waiting in line and missing the train! WOO
13 Nov

I absolutely love the new #mbta commuter rail app. It’s so convenient and easy. #greatjob
12 Nov

Whoever created this MBTA app is an actual angel from heaven
13 Nov

Just installed the #mbta mTicket app for buying commuter rail tix. Very excited to use; props to @mbtaGM for leading the nation on this!
12 Nov

Sara – November 24 – HTC EVO 3D with version 1.00.10
Best MBTA app yet
Saves time and aggravation by not having to wait in long lines for a pass, and perfect when you’re running late for a train.

Steven – November 13 – Motorola Droid RAZR with version 1.00.10
Finally a way of purchasing tickets remotely and it pulls together schedules, alerts and route maps in one place!!

Simon – November 12
Fantastic app, very slick
Looks great, very slick, works well – nice one! No messing around with paper any more.

Sue Xiang – January 20 – Google User with version 1.00.10
Great App
This is definitely going to help while taking the CR. Thanks MBTA!

Chetan Sharma – December 11 – Samsung Galaxy S2 with version 1.00.20
Excellent. Love it
Bought my first ticket and it was quick and easy! Thank you MBTA. Finally its digital!

Adm123 – Nov 15
Super convenient App – so happy it’s finally here! Downloaded it yesterday & taking my first mticket ride today. Welcome to the 21st century! ;)

SavvySmartSassy – Nov 22
…Easy, intuitive interface with schedules, maps, alerts and ability to purchase tickets…

Citaaaaa123 – Jan 08
I’m not one to carry cash so if I miss my train and I am running late this app was perfect!

satyagraaha – Dec 16
Extremely convenient for commuter rail. Remembered I read about it in the paper and decided to give it a try and it worked perfectly!

Everyday rail rider – Dec 14
I was rushing to get on a train home for an appointment, and had forgotten to get a paper monthly pass at the window. I had heard about the app on the radio and frantically did a quick search and purchase on the train. We all know things rarely work when we most need them to, but as the conductor came down the row this purchase went flawlessly, and I held up the phone to him and that was it. Thanks MBTA!

Getting Started

Download the JustRide brochure to learn more about mobile ticketing and the JustRide platform.

Download the JustRide Brochure

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