About your data

We are committed to keeping your personal information safe and secure.

When you use the App you trust us with your personal information and we will collect and store that securely. We need to collect your personal information for a number of different reasons including our statutory functions and to be able to provide you with our services.

How do I access my data?

You can access your personal information we hold by contacting us at [insert detail].

Our Customer and Passenger privacy notice

Our Customer and Passenger privacy notice explains exactly what we collect and how we use it, including your rights under the new Data Protection law changes that came into effect on 25 May 2018.

Who does this privacy notice apply to, and what is it about?

This privacy notice applies to you if you are or were our customer and/or if you are or were a passenger on any of the passenger transport services arranged or provided by us.

This privacy notice explains what personal data we collect about you and what we do with it. It also explains your rights in respect of your personal data and it informs you what to do if you have any questions or complaints about our use of your personal data.

We take your privacy seriously and are committed to abiding by the relevant data protection laws which protect your privacy.

We reserve the right to modify and change this privacy notice at any time without notice. We encourage our customers to review this privacy notice periodically.  You should check this policy frequently to ensure you are aware of the most recent version that will apply each time you use the App.

Who is controller of your personal data?

We are the controller of your personal data that is or was processed for the purposes explained in this privacy notice.

What personal data do we collect about you, and how?

We collect the following types of personal data about you:

  • The email address you used to create an account on the app, the internal application ID, and the internal account ID assigned to you via the App.
  • Information about mTicket purchased, such as the mTicket ID, type of mTicket, date and time of purchase of the mTicket, and the validity period of the mTicket.
  • Payment details, information about the financial transactions, related to the credit or debit cards used for purchases, the email address the purchase receipt was sent to, and information about credit or debit cards saved in the account.
  • Information about mTicket activations, such as the type of mTicket and the date and time of activation, end of the validity time, or expiration of the mTicket.
  • Device information: We may also collect information about your device each time you use the App. For example, we may collect information on the type of mobile device that you are using and its unique device identifier (for example, the IMEI number, the device’s mobile phone number, or the MAC address of the device’s wireless network interface), the type of mobile browser that you are using, the mobile operating system that you are using, mobile network information, the time zone setting and insert any other information collected.

In addition, each time you visit our website we may automatically collect the following information:

We collect this personal data about in a variety of ways, including:

  • by you creating an account with us on the App;
  • by you searching for products and services and/or purchasing products and services on our website or through our other sales channels, including our mobile apps and via our online ticket agents;
  • by you submitting information via our website, for example via the ‘Contact Us’ page;
  • by you providing information to us when communicating us in any manner, for example when you speak to our representatives in person at travel shops or on-board our passenger carrying vehicles, and when you contact us by letter, email, text message, telephone call or on social media;
  • by you consenting to receive certain information from us, such as marketing emails and other promotional material about seat sales, offers, exclusive deals and travel ideas;
  • by you entering our competitions or participating in post journey, market research and other surveys that we organise or conduct;
  • by you submitting information when registering or using our on-board wifi or entertainment services;
  • by us making visual and/or audio recordings at our owned or occupied sites, including at our coach and bus stations and on the passenger carrying vehicles used to provide our travel services; and
  • by us recording telephone conversations with our customer contact centre representatives.

We may receive information about you from third parties, such as companies that market and sell our products and services on our behalf or from any person who has bought our products and services for you or contacted us on your behalf.

What do we do with your personal data, and on what basis?

We use your personal data for the following purposes and reasons and, where those reasons are our legitimate interest, we inform you about what that legitimate interest is:

What we use your information forOur reasonsOur legitimate interest
  • To provide our products and services to you
  • To provide you with information, advice and guidance about our products and services
  • To manage our relationship with you, including to respond to any questions you ask and deal with any complaints you make and, on occasion, to ascertain whether you wish to be a brand ambassador for us
  • To study how our customers use products and services from us and other third parties
  • To manage how we work with other companies that provide services to us and our customers
  • To comply with the laws and regulations that apply to us
  • To seek to enforce and defend our legal rights
  • To seek to detect, investigate, prevent and report crime and anti-social behaviour
  • To seek to protect and promote your health & safety and that of our other customers, staff and third parties
  • Fulfilling our legal duty
  • Fulfilling our contracts with you
  • Our legitimate interest
  • Being efficient about how we fulfil our legal and contractual duties and manage our relationship with you
  • Keeping our business records up to date
  • Developing and improving our business
  • Developing our products and services, and what we charge for them
  • Developing relationships with business partners, to enhance our product and service offering
  • Preserving our legal position, seeking to detect and prevent crime and anti-social behaviour and seeking to promote health & safety
  • To inform you about incomplete purchases of our products and services
  • Consent
  • Our legitimate interest
  • To assist you in completing your purchase
  • To administer and manage our website, including troubleshooting and testing
  • To ensure that our website content is presented in the most effective manner and customised for customers
  • For data analysis, research, statistical and survey purposes
  • Our legitimate interest


  • Providing an efficient and customised means for customers to get information about our products and services



What are our obligations to collect and your obligations to provide personal data?

We have no legal obligation to collect personal data about you but we need to collect some personal data about you in order to provide our products and services to you and to collect payment for these and to deal with any questions or complaints you have about them.

You have no legal obligation to provide your personal data to us, but we may not be able to provide our products and services to you or deal with your questions or complaints if you do not provide us with the information needed for this.

Who will we share your personal data with?

We may share your personal data with:

  • our suppliers, sub-contractors, business partners and our brand ambassadors who help us to provide our products and services to you;
  • other business partners in connection with the provision of their products and services to you;
  • our legal and professional advisors;
  • government bodies and regulatory authorities, including [insert] and crime prevention and detection agencies, such as [insert]
  • [insert the relevant transport authority ie in the UK, the Traffic Commissioners] the courts and other dispute resolution arbitrators and mediators, other parties to legal proceedings and passenger transport watchdogs;
  • analytics and search engine providers that assist us in the improvement and optimisation of our websites; and
  • other companies that take on any part of our business as a result of a restructure, merger or transfer of that part of our business.

Do we make international transfers of personal data?

There may be occasions where it is necessary for us to transfer the personal data we collect about you to a country outside of the European Economic Area (“EEA”). It is possible that the country concerned may not be deemed to provide a similar level of protection for individuals’ rights in relation to their personal data as in the EEA.

Where we transfer your personal data to third parties who process your personal data on our behalf in countries outside the EEA that are not deemed to provide a similar level of protection for individuals’ rights in relation to their personal data as in the EEA, we have entered into appropriate contracts with those third parties based on the standard contractual clauses approved by the European Commission, a copy of which can be found here, such that your personal data should be afforded the same level of protection as when it is processed in the EEA.

For how long will we process your personal data?

Where we process your personal data to fulfil a legal obligation, we will process such personal data for so long as necessary to fulfil that obligation.

Where we process your personal data to fulfil a contract with you, we will process such personal data until we fulfil that contract and for so long thereafter as may be necessary to keep a record of that contract, which will typically be for six (6) years, and to deal with any complaints or claims relating to that contract, which will be until the final resolution of such complaints or claims (having regard to the nature of any potential claims and the limitation of liability periods that apply to them).

Where we process your personal data based on our legitimate interest, we will process such personal data for so long as necessary to achieve that legitimate interest, which will typically be for six (6) years after we collect your personal data or the last time we use your personal data (or longer in relation to any legal claims that might arise having regard to the nature of any potential claims and the limitation of liability periods that apply to them).

Please bear in mind that it may take a short time to process any withdrawal of your consent. We aim to do this within 48 hours of receipt of your request, although you may still receive emails that are already in process around the time of your withdrawal.

We may also retain your personal data for longer if we cannot delete it for legal, regulatory or technical reasons.

What rights do you have in relation to your personal data?

You have a number of rights in relation to your personal data. These include the right, subject to exceptions, to:

  • access your personal data;
  • request the rectification;
  • request restrictions on the processing of your personal data; and
  • object to our processing of your personal data.

Please contact the [insert detail] if you wish to exercise any of these rights.

You also have the right in some circumstances to receive a copy of your personal data in a portable format. This right is limited to personal data that you have provided to us and is processed on the basis of your contract with us or your consent. It does not cover personal data that we process on other grounds.

Please contact [insert detail] to request a portable copy of the data that you have provided and is processed on these bases.

What should you do if you have any questions or complaints?

If you have any questions or complaints about how we process your personal data or otherwise about the matters set out in this privacy notice, you should contact James Gooch at:

Address: 37 Bevenden Street, London, N16BH

Email address: James.gooch@masabi.com and Contact@masabi.com

You also have the right to complain to the Information Commissioner’s Office about how we use your personal data. You can do this by contacting them on their helpline: 0303 123 1113.