Transport Ticketing Case Studies

Masabi works in partnership with over 50 leading transport agencies and operators across ten countries around the globe.


MBTA sell over 50% of available tickets via Mobile Ticketing

Download Boston’s MBTA Mobile Ticketing Case Study

In 2012, to reduce the cost and inconvenience of on-board cash purchases, Boston’s MBTA, the US’s 5th largest transit agency, had been looking to extend its smartcard, CharlieCard, to it’s Commuter Rail.

This would allow riders to move away from paying on-board with cash – however the proposed smartcard project was expected to cost over $70m in CapEx alone.

Instead they opted for a mobile ticketing solution and today over a third of tickets are sold via the mobile ticketing app.

Download the case study and learn how Boston’s MBTA were able to:

  • Save $70 million in CAPEX cost.
  • Introduce infinite sales capacity.
  • Reduce pressure on existing ticketing infrastructure.
  • And more…

Download the Case Study

55% of Passengers Use the Bus More Frequently Thanks to Mobile Ticketing

Download the National Express Bus Mobile Ticketing Case Study

Since deployment in September 2016 the National Express Bus app has seen strong growth, with the number of ticket sales growing.

This case study looks at why National Express West Midlands chose mobile ticketing to improve the rider experience and help solve the issues they were having with issuing student passes.

It also explores the results from a passenger survey about their experience with the mobile ticketing deployment.

Download the Case Study

Thames Clipper on Thames

Thames Clippers Mobile Ticketing Case Study

Download London's Thames Clippers Mobile Ticketing Case Study

MBNA Thames Clippers operate the London-based river ferry service. Ticket control on a Clipper previously occurred when disembarking, sometimes leading to long dwell times at each pier, as the time it took for customers to purchase a ticket before disembarking caused delays to the service.

Download the case study to learn how MBNA Thames Clippers were able to:

  • Speed up dwell times at each pier.
  • Move to a buy before your board ticketing set up.
  • Free up staff from ticket sales.
  • Increase sales capacity.
  • And more…

Download the Case Study

LA Metrolink Case Study

LA Metrolink mTicketing Case Study

Download the Metrolink Case Study

Metrolink is Southern California’s commuter rail system.

Historically they operated a paper-based ticketing system. During busy periods, the long lines at vending machines were a major source of customer frustration and complaints.

Download the case study and learn how Metrolink and Masabi introduced mobile ticketing and were able to:

  • Achieve 13% adoption after month long pilot.
  • Achieve 15% adoption network wide after three months.
  • Introduce new Inspect validation app.

Download the Case Study


Preston Bus Introduce Mobile Ticketing to Reduce Dwell Times

Download the Preston Bus Mobile Ticketing Case Study

Preston Bus is a bus operator running within the city of Preston, UK, and is a subsidiary of Rotala. Its fleet consists of around 120 buses.

They were looking to deploy a new ticketing solution to reduce dwell times by 50%, increase passenger satisfaction and attract new riders to their services.

Download the case study and learn why Preston Bus chose Masabi’s market leading mobile ticketing platform to:

  • Increase passenger numbers.
  • Reduce dwell times by 50%.

Download the Case Study

Arriva Trains Wales Train in from of Castle

Arriva Trains Wales Win Industry Award for Mobile Ticketing

Download the Arriva Trains Wales Mobile Ticketing Case Study

Arriva Trains Wales (ATW) were looking for a way to increase the number of semi-regular passengers using their services.

They needed to expand ticket sales capacity. However, they didn’t want to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on expensive hardware.

The answer – The AWARD WINNING Mobile Multi-Flex. A flexible carnet product sold exclusively through the Arriva Trains Wales mobile app.

Download the case study and learn how ATW were able to:

  • Increase semi-regular passenger numbers with award winning carnet fare.
  • Reduce pressure on existing ticketing infrastructure.
  • Sell 350,000 mobile tickets in first year.
  • And more…

Download the Case Study

NICE Bus in New York

First Bus Only Mobile Ticketing Deployment in the US

Download New York’s NICE Bus Mobile Ticketing Case Study

The Nassau Inter-County Express (NICE Bus) run the local bus system serving Nassau County, New York.

NICE wanted to reduce dwell times at each stop by introducing a pay before you board option for passengers, speeding up journey times, reducing cash handling and improving operations.

Download the case study and learn how NICE Bus were able to:

  • Improve operations.
  • Speed up boarding times.
  • Reduce dwell times.
  • Implement infinite sales capacity.
  • Reduce cash handling.
  • Delight customers with route planning services.
  • And more…

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