Justride mTicketing SDK

Enabling Mobility-as-a-Service for Public Transit

The World’s First and Only Mobile Ticketing SDK for Public Transit

The Justride SDK allows urban mobility applications to integrate the marketing leading mobility platform into their apps.

The Justride SDK connects best-of-breed urban mobility apps with the Justride Mobility Platform

The Justride SDK

For the uninitiated, a Software Development Kit (SDK) is a piece of code that allows a set of functionalities to be embedded into an application. The Justride SDK allows 3rd party applications to request fare types, make payments, and deliver visual and barcode mobile tickets to a passenger through a secure ticket wallet. This means that:

Companies can incorporate mobile ticketing from Masabi into their existing apps meaning that (subject to agreement with the transit agency) they can retail and deliver tickets for existing Masabi customers within apps, or they can offer a combined offering to new agencies.

Transit Agencies can embed mobile ticketing into any app of their choice, be that because they want a customized front-end experience, or they want to sell their tickets through the leading journey planner/urban mobility apps in the region.

Justride Mobile Ticketing sdk customers

SDK Deployments and Partners

To date, we’ve already announced SDK partnerships with Uber, in a first-of-its-kind ride-sharing and public transit ticketing partnership, with Transit App, which millions of people use for journey planning and real-time information, and Kisio Digital – who are already using it to provide ticketing in two French cities (Orléans and Montargis). The Kisio app, PlanBookTicket, offers a “3-in-1” service enabling passengers to plan, buy and validate tickets using their smartphones. In addition, we are working with a number of other partners who we’ll be announcing in the coming months.

Masabi and Uber Announce First-of-its-Kind Partnership

Integration will enable Uber users to book and display public transit tickets within the app, facilitating seamless multimodal journeys. Uber’s new ticketing option will be powered by Masabi’s Justride SDK.

Uber and Masabi

Masabi and Chalo Partner to Target $66.5Bn Indian Public Transport Market

Companies combine market-leading journey planning and mobile ticketing offerings to make public transport more convenient for passengers across India. Chalo will integrate Masabi’s Justride Mobile Ticketing SDK, allowing passengers to purchase and display tickets in the Chalo app.

Chalo Masabi SDK

Transit App Integrates Masabi’s Justride SDK

Transit App Integrates Masabi’s Justride SDK to Offer Integrated Ticketing to Agencies in North America

justride sdk and transit app

SDK Live in Orleans and Montargis in France

The Justride SDK is currently live in Orléans and Montargis in France, through our partnership with Kisio Digital. The app is called PlanBookTicket, a “3-in-1” digital app enabling passengers to plan, book, buy and validate tickets using their smartphones.

Justride SDK Brochure

The Justride Mobile Ticketing SDK makes public transit tickets easier to access, increasing discoverability and improving digital reach to established urban mobility user bases, helping increase convenience for passengers, attracting more people to ride public transport.

The future of public transport is a connected one – with a seamless experience between operators, modes of transit and urban mobility services. The Justride SDK is a perfect practical first step to enabling Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) in a city.


Download the brochure to learn more. 

Justride SDK Brochure