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Today, close to 4 billion people reside in urban areas. By 2030, the world is projected to have 41 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. By 2050, 66 percent of the world’s population will be urban. New levels of urbanisation call for innovative new ways of managing cities and the transport arteries that keep a city going.


“You know what the future is? Mass transportation. You want this region to grow? The answer is not more people getting in cars and getting on the road and driving. That is not the answer. We’re not building any more roads. The roads are congested. Gasoline is expensive. We’re polluting the environment. You can’t park. The traffic is terrible. The gridlock is terrible. That’s not the future. The future is mass transit.” New York Governor Cuomo

Creating Stress Free Frictionless Journeys

No two cities are the same and ecosystems are already (or have already) built up around the needs of individual cities. There is no point investing in a route planning application if everyone already uses services like Transit or Citymapper, because there is very little chance the app you launch will provide a better service than they do, they already have high usage within cities and changing people’s habits is extremely difficult.


The answer is not to replace them – but link to them.


By integrating and linking apps and services within a city ecosystem you are able to get the best service available and connect them together. This has the added benefit of not locking you in to one supplier, providing flexibly and the ability to add services as required.

Transit App Integrates Masabi’s Justride SDK

Justride SDK

The world’s first mobile ticketing SDK for public transit enables best-of-breed applications to integrate creating the optimal user experience. The JustRide SDK is live with multiple agencies in France and further deployments are scheduled around the globe. Typical JustRide SDK customers include major transport operators, passenger information apps, as well as messaging and payment platform providers.

Orleans PBT

Deeplinking enables best-of-breed applications to link together across cities connecting passengers to first and last mile transportation services, enhancing city transport for all. Masabi pioneered deeplinking and is partnering within city ecosystems, such as New York and Las Vegas, to enable seamless frictionless journeys.

Deeplink Justride Transit

Masabi and Mastercard Smart City Vision


The ‘Mobile First’ Approach to Delivering Infrastructure

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Our vision is to improve daily life by simplifying the way people move around cities.

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