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Building Smarter Cities - One Ride at a Time

Building Smart Cities

Today, close to 4 billion people reside in urban areas. By 2030, the world is projected to have 41 mega-cities with more than 10 million inhabitants. By 2050, 66 percent of the world’s population will be urban.
New levels of urbanisation call for innovative new ways of managing cities and the transport arteries that keep a city going.
“You know what the future is? Mass transportation. You want this region to grow? The answer is not more people getting in cars and getting on the road and driving. That is not the answer. We’re not building any more roads. The roads are congested. Gasoline is expensive. We’re polluting the environment. You can’t park. The traffic is terrible. The gridlock is terrible. That’s not the future. The future is mass transit.” New York Governor Cuomo
A smart city is an integrated and a tech-enabled city, where the transit resources are efficient and technology enables seamless, frictionless journeys using what people are wearing or have in their pocket to travel.
Smart cities require an open infrastructure for seamless travel between different operators and modes of transport, allowing providers to easily plug into each other, creating an ecosystem of connected apps and services for frictionless door-to-door journeys.
JustRide Connect
Creating Stress Free Frictionless City Travel

JustRide Connect enables best-of-breed applications to link together across cities connecting passengers to first and last mile transportation services, enhancing city transport for all.

JustRide Connect uses SDK integrations and deeplinking API’s to enable passengers to purchase transport tickets and seamlessly surf between different applications to access city services such as bike share schemes, route planning and taxi services.

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Mobile Ticketing App

The Future of Urban Mobility

The next step in the development of urban mobility for Smart Cities is to develop ecosystems of best-of-breed apps for seamless, frictionless, door-to-door journeys.
By utilising a common set of open APIs and standards various related applications can interact allowing passengers to surf between services in the same way they would on the web.
The result – stress free, frictionless city travel.
JustRide is working with major partners to define and build the Smart City app ecosystem. We already provide deeplinking within our ticketing apps that connect with route planning services to help make journeys better, but this is only the beginning.
We believe over the next two years ecosystems will be built around the specific needs of individual cities, helping make Smart Cities a reality.
Our vision is to improve daily life by simplifying the way people move around cities.

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The ‘Mobile First’ Approach to Delivering Infrastructure

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