Masabi Launches ‘Family Accounts’ Allowing One Account Holder to Manage Funds for Multiple Adults and Children

Latest Account-Based Ticketing update designed to make life easier for riders and support agencies deliver their fare policy goals


New York, October 9, 2023 Masabi, the company delivering smarter ticketing through its open platform Justride, today announced the launch of ‘Family Accounts,’ as part of its market-leading Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) platform. This functionality is designed to enhance the convenience of group travel, particularly for families, carers, households, and other groups.


With Family Accounts, a single account and funding source can now be used to purchase and manage multiple forms of fare media, be it a mobile app or smart card. Each fare media has its own fare-capping functionality (ensuring revenue protection) and entitlement support, making it easier than ever for riders within a group to manage their travel expenses. The number of users per account is also customizable and determined by the transit agency, ensuring flexibility to meet various group sizes and travel needs.


This innovative feature extends the benefits of Account-Based Ticketing to an entirely new level, providing a seamless, secure and cost-effective way for riders to share travel funds while enjoying the benefits of fare capping and entitlement discounts. This functionality is operational with Denver RTD’s MyRide system, and is now available to every agency signed up to Masabi’s Justride platform.


Key Features of Masabi’s ‘Family Accounts’ Functionality:

  • Group-Friendly Fare Capping: With fare capping on each fare media, riders can rest assured they’ll never pay more than necessary for their journeys. This feature automatically calculates and applies discounts as the individual’s travel accumulates.
  • Entitlement Support: ‘Family Accounts’ allow riders to manage entitlements on a per-fare media basis, ensuring that each traveler receives the appropriate benefits, such as reduced fares, concessions, or special offers.
  • Seamless Fund Sharing: This functionality streamlines the sharing of travel funds within groups, reducing the hassle of managing individual accounts and ensuring that everyone can be funded through a primary account holder’s funding source.

Customizable Fare Media Management: Transit agencies have the freedom to set the number of fare media per account, tailoring the ‘Family Accounts’ functionality to meet the specific needs of their riders and communities.


“At Masabi, we are committed to making public transit more accessible and convenient for everyone and ‘Family Accounts’ are a significant step forward in achieving this goal,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “By providing a user-friendly solution for groups of riders to share travel expenses while enjoying the full benefits of our Justride stored value account, this functionality will have a significantly positive impact on families, caregivers, and communities alike, making it easier than ever to experience the convenience of public transit.”