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Ticketing Tips: The ‘Mobile First’ Approach to Delivering Infrastructure for Smart Cities

In this video Ben Whitaker, Masabi Co-Founder and Head of Innovation, explains the ‘Mobile First‘ approach to infrastructure for smart cities and how through digitisation cities can deliver profound improvement to peoples lives.


By removing secondary infrastructure cities can go from small incremental changes to a step change modernisation, creating a triple win by removing the capital expenditure of secondary infrastructure, the operation and maintenance costs of that infrastructure, and finally by freeing up physical space which can be used to increase capacity or create better city experiences.


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For more information on smart city principles you can download our ebook; Smart City Principles to Prepare for 2050: A Guide to Assessing Smart City Solutions.


In this ebook we explore some key principles that should be followed to help guide city leaders & officials through the bewildering array of options, solutions and decisions needed to help cities grow.


Topics includes:

  • Why Cities Need to Prepare for 2050
  • 4 Key Principles to Help Evaluate Smart City Solutions
  • Smart City Infrastructure: Prioritize the Primary, Virtualize the Secondary
  • Smart Cities Need Open Data Exchange
  • 12 Steps to Help Evaluate Your Smart City Initiatives
  • Smart City Success Stories
  • Smart City Initiatives: Quick Wins and Visible Results
  • Smart City Principles to Prepare for 2050: A Guide to Assessing Smart City Solutions

Download the ebook.