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Calgary Transit Launch ‘My Fare’ Mobile Ticketing System in Partnership with Masabi

Multi-format Justride Inspect validation devices installed across 1000+ buses for safer and faster boarding


Calgary and New York, 6 July 2020. Masabi, the company bringing Fare Payments-as-a-Service to public transit, today announced the launch of My Fare, a contactless mobile ticketing app for Calgary Transit that lets passengers buy tickets and passes anytime, anywhere, using their smartphones. It’s fast, easy, contactless and a safe way to pay and ride transit. The network-wide deployment follows the successful completion of a pilot mobile ticketing project on four routes.


The My Fare app, which is powered by Masabi’s Justride platform and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, allows riders of Calgary Transit services to purchase and use fare products such as regular monthly and day passes, airport boarding pass, and single ride tickets directly from their mobile device.


As part of the project over 1000 new validation devices have been installed across the bus network covering 155 routes. Passengers scan their dynamic and encrypted mobile pasess on the devices when boarding the bus, with an audible beep and a colored screen identifying the ticket as valid for use. These validation units will help speed up boarding times making riding Calgary Transit services faster and safer by enabling contactless fare payment and validation. The validation units are powered by Masabi’s Justride Inspect software and also read NFC and contactless EMV (cEMV) technology, giving the agency the flexibility to turn on Account-Based Ticketing and other account-based tokens, if required.


“Calgarians, like citizens in towns and cities around the world, are using smartphones in almost all aspects of their day and made offering the option for riders to use their phone instead of a paper ticket a logical step for Calgary Transit,” said Brian Zanghi, CEO of Masabi. “The change in people’s behaviour brought about by the current requirement for social distancing has made mobile ticketing and the move towards a more contactless journey experience a must-have for transit agencies. We’re delighted to be working with Calgary Transit to launch a network-wide mobile ticketing option for their riders, helping passengers and agency staff to stay safe and make public transit matchfit for the ‘new normal’.”

MyFare Calgary and Val100

After downloading My Fare, passengers can either create an account using their myID account information or continue as a guest. They then simply select the product they wish to buy, enter payment information, and confirm the transaction. The purchased product/s will be electronically delivered to the My Fare ticket wallet on their smartphone and a receipt for the purchase will automatically be sent to their email address.



About Masabi
Masabi is bringing Fare Payments-as-a-Service — a new and better way of delivering fare payments — to public transit agencies and authorities of all sizes around the globe. This enables agencies to receive the latest fare payment innovations quickly, using a platform which is constantly updating and adding new features. Not only does this improve the journey experience for passengers, but it helps agencies keep up with the pace of technology change, while reducing the total cost of fare collection. With over 80 agencies of all sizes across 11 countries signed up, Masabi’s Justride is the world’s leading fare payments platform. Masabi has offices in New York, Denver, London, and Cluj, and investors include Mastercard, Shell, and Keolis. For more information, visit