Rail Ticketing System

Fare Payments Platform for Rail Operators

Rail Ticketing System

Masabi is an expert in delivering fare collection (ticketing) systems to rail operators and agencies around the globe. Masabi launched the first-ever mobile ticketing system for a rail operator in the UK with Chiltern Railways (2007) and the first for a US transit agency (2012) with Boston’s MBTA. Masabi is currently working with over 20 rail agencies around the globe

MBTA Sells Over 60% of Available Tickets via Mobile Ticketing and Saved $70m in CapEx
MBTA, Boston USA

Boston’s MBTA Mobile Ticketing Deployment

In 2012, to reduce the cost and inconvenience of on-board cash purchases, Boston’s MBTA, the US’s 5th largest transit agency, had been looking to extend its smartcard, CharlieCard, to its Commuter Rail. This would allow riders to move away from paying on-board with cash – however the proposed smartcard project was expected to cost over $70m in CapEx alone.

Instead they opted for a mobile ticketing solution and today over 60% of tickets are sold via the mobile ticketing app.

Case Study
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Handheld Validation Device

Masabi delivers inspection apps and software to rail operators around the globe to validate barcode mobile tickets (and ITSO smart cards for UK Rail operators). The Inspect software and Ticket Validation Database (eTVD) can also be integrated into 3rd-Party devices.

Justride Inspect software is validating ticketing with rail operators around the globe, including for; Northern, Transport for Wales, MTA Railroads in New York, Commuter Rail for the MBTA, SMART, and Ace Rail.

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Platform Validator

The Justride Platform Validator is a revolutionary validation device for fast, economical and robust barcode, smartcard and contactless EMV (cEMV) validation. The Justride Platform Validator is designed to provide a flexible and future-proof fixed location validation solution capable of supporting a wide range of deployments. It possesses the necessary on-board storage, processing capability and connectivity options to support any scale of deployment and account- based fares.

New York MTA Mobile Ticketing Passenger Feedback

Justride Rail Ticketing Capabilities
Masabi’s Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform for public transport and is the leading provider of  Mobile Ticketing for rail services around the globe. It’s one platform configured in different ways for all our agency partners, with regular feature updates everyone benefits from.
Transit agencies and rail operators can sign up to mobile ticketing services, and deploy a complete Account-Based Ticketing system allowing passengers to simply tap a contactless bank card, mobile device and smartcard to travel, without needing to buy a ticket or understand fares. Justride is operational with more than 20 rail operators around the globe.
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