Mobility as a Service

Enabling MaaS for Public Transit
Justride Mobility as a Service

Mobility as a Service

Imagine being able to combine ride-sharing, public transit, bike-sharing and other shared mobility services into a single connected offering, where you can simply and easily plan, purchase and travel using the most convenient route and vehicle for your trip.

We believe Mobility-as-a-Service will provide a real alternative to private car journeys and ultimately car ownership, enabling seamless journeys from the moment you leave your front door until you reach your destination. This vision is no longer a pipe dream and there are steps that can be taken today to turn this vision into a reality.

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What is Mobility as a Service?

Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) is the movement to a complete mobility experience from the moment you leave your front door until you reach your destination, planning and paying seamlessly based on what and how much you use, without using a private car.

Mobility-as-a-Service may be the most exciting opportunity for transit agencies in decades and will empower a new mobility reality in which people no longer buy or use a private vehicle, putting transit agencies at the center of large and small MaaS ecosystems around the globe, ensuring equity, reducing congestion and helping achieve social and environmental goals.

Enabling MaaS for Public Transport
Justride is helping enable MaaS for public transport agencies and operators by integrating public transit ticketing into MaaS applications through the Justride SDK and Account Based Ticketing. Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform used by over 65 public transport agencies and operators of all sizes around the globe.
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Top Benefits of Mobility-as-a-Service

seamless passenger journey

Seamless Passenger Experience

MaaS provides a seamless passenger experience using multiple modes of transport from the beginning until the end of a journey.

Reduced . Congestion

Reduced Congestion

Moving people away from private car journeys and onto shared mobility options will reduce the volume of cars on the road, reducing congestion.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally Friendly

By incentivising and optimising the use of shared mobility services in a city the volume of vehicles on the road is reduced leading to a reduction in pollution.

Reduced Car Ownership

Reduced Car Ownership

People will no longer need to own cars. Instead they will pay for their journeys as and when they used it based on what they consume.

The Justride Platform
Practical MaaS: The Justride SDK
MaaS does not need to be delivered in one go, or as a major one off project. MaaS can be delivered by following a step-by-step process to evolve ecosystems over time. The Justride SDK is a perfect practical first step, allowing urban mobility providers or bespoke MaaS applications to integrate the market leading mobile ticketing platform into their applications, connecting services together for a seamless user experience.
Justride SDK

Account Based MaaS

Account Based Ticketing provides a great way of enabling Mobility as a Service as it acts as a unified mobility account, meaning passengers simply tap onto transport modes. This provides a great public transit experience as passengers no longer need to buy a ticket before traveling, they simply tap across their journey and are charged the appropriate fare for their use. This can then be extended to private modes, and other operators, to enable complete first-last mile journeys where passengers only pay for what they use when they use it.

Account Based MaaS

What is Mobility as a Service (MaaS)?

MaaS holds the promise to enhance the way passengers ‘consume’ transport services. The concept links together route planning, ticketing and payments to all modes of transport and transport services. The concept breaks down barriers between modes of transport, operators, ticketing and payments systems and puts it all into one service, providing convenient and seamless journeys for passengers.

To give you an example. In the future, as described by MaaS providers, you will be able to access any mode of transport, both public and private, through one payment service and app. This service will plan your optimal route across all modes of transport to provide the best journey possible using everything from trains to autonomous cars.


Practical Mobility-as-a-Service: Integrating Ticketing Into 3rd Party Apps

Since we announced the Justride Mobile Ticketing SDK, the level of interest and excitement from across the industry has been significant – both from agencies and other companies within the wider urban mobility ecosystem.

To date, we’ve already announced SDK partnerships with Uber, in a First-of-its-Kind Ride-Sharing and Public Transit Ticketing Partnership, Transit App, which millions of people use for journey planning and real-time information, Chalo, India’s leading provider of journey planning.