Metro Ticketing System

Fare Payments Platform for Metro Operators of All Sizes

Metro Ticketing System

Traditionally fare collection for Metro services around the globe has involved issuing proprietary paper or plastic tickets requiring ticket vending machines to facilitate getting tickets into peoples’ hands and validating them. They also tended to be cash-intensive involving high cash handling costs and were extremely expensive and time-consuming to install and operate. They also follow the traditional ticketing model of passengers buying a ticket before being able to travel on the transport network leading to long lines during peak periods as people wait in line for tickets.

The next generation of Metro fare collection systems turns this process around and instead of issuing proprietary tickets enable passengers to use what they have in their pocket to travel, be it a mobile phone, contactless bank card or existing smartcard.

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“Our riders value convenience above all else when it comes to their transit experience, and this new service will eliminate a source of frustration,” said Metrolink Chair Andrew Kotyuk. We are excited to expand the capabilities of our mobile ticketing service to include Metro, and hope it will improve the day-to-day experience for our riders.”

Chair Andrew Kotyuk, Los Angeles Metrolink, USA
Metro Ticketing Capabilities
Masabi has unrivalled experience with retrofitting fare gates for Metro services using the Justride Inspect Gateline Integration Kit in cities such as Los Angeles and New York. Masabi’s Justride is the leading Fare Payments platform for public transport and is the leading provider of Mobile Ticketing for Metro services around the globe. It’s one platform configured in different ways for all our agency partners, with regular feature updates everyone benefits from.
Transit agencies and Metro operators can sign up to mobile ticketing services, enable Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and deploy an account-based system allowing passengers to simply tap a contactless bank card, mobile device and smartcard to travel, without needing to buy a ticket or understand fares.
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Retrofitting Gates – the Gateline Integration Kit

The Inspect Gateline Integration Kit is a multi-format validation service for fast, efficient and robust barcode, smartcard and contactless EMV ticket validation, whether presented on a mobile phone, card or paper.  It also enables Bluetooth and has the necessary on-board storage, processing capability and connectivity options to support any scale of deployment.

The kit is designed to fit into existing gate infrastructure and enables multiple ticketing technologies future-proofing the investment. The service can be set up to work with Masabi supplied or 3rd party hardware.

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Los Angeles Metrolink Case Study
Metrolink is Southern California’s commuter rail system. Historically they operated a paper-based ticketing system. During busy periods, the long lines at vending machines were a major source of customer frustration.
Download the case study and learn how Metrolink were able to achieve 13% adoption after a month long pilot, achieve 60% adoption on one of the lines, introduce new Inspect validation apps for staff, expand mobile ticketing to LA Metro, expand mobile ticketing to bus services and retrofit existing Metro gate infrastructure.
Case Study
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How to Bring Mobile Ticketing to Metro Systems

Metro rail operators seeking to reduce station congestion and maximise passenger throughput can turn to mobile ticketing as a solution. By transforming the passenger’s phone into the vending machine as well as the ticket itself, users can avoid queues and self-serve at any time or place well outside the station, expanding accessibility to the metro service. In major city transport networks, visual and barcode mobile ticketing adoption is increasing as passengers take advantage of the convenience while operators remove the overhead associated with physical tickets.


In this blog post we cover some of the factors you need to consider when looking to introduce mobile ticketing to metro rail systems, including 15 questions to consider before embarking on a gate retro-fit project.


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