Transit Mobile Ticketing

Mobile ticketing allows passengers to buy and display tickets on their smartphone.
Masabi’s JustRide mobile ticketing platform means that waiting in line for tickets is a thing of the past for passengers, whilst authorities and operators are able to drastically reduce the cost of fare collection.

Improve Transit Agency Operations

Increased customer satisfaction

Customers love mobile ticketing and the benefits it brings. Check out the customer benefits or read some JustRide user comments.

Reduce the cost of sales

Allowing customers to self-serve tickets moves sales from the ticket office, on-board or at vending machines, massively reducing the cost of sales, expanding sales capacity and increasing headway.

Smart Ticketing without the plastic

Introduce smart ticketing benefits such as better reporting and fleet management without on-going cost of smartcards, expensive ticket vending machines and heavy duty scanning equipment.

Time to market

Mobile Ticketing can be made available to your riders within just a few weeks. A step-change modernisation that you can quickly make within your agency.

Transit as a good-news story

Mobile ticketing is a good news story. Innovative, exciting and customer friendly.

Reduce cash in operations

Cash is expensive to process and risky to carry yet accepting cards has historically been expensive – not any more with JustRide.

Low CAPEX rollout

Unlike most new fare collection systems like smartcard, the capital expenditure on JustRide Mobile Ticketing is not significant and can be scaled to meet your needs, no matter the size of agency.

Revenue opportunity

Mobile Ticketing apps are used daily by commuters and can present riders with timely, targeted offers for products and services relevant to their trip, turning ticketing from a cost to a revenue opportunity for agencies.

How Mobile Ticketing Works

In just a few taps tickets can be purchased for any form of public transportation – bus, coach, ferry, train, subway and tram. No matter the complexity of the trip, Masabi have the experience to deliver tickets in a way that passengers find simple to use.


Masabi has developed a range of mobile tickets designed to suit transit operators’ infrastructure requirements.

Barcode mTicket

mTickets can be delivered to customers’ phones as secure 2D barcodes. This allows passengers to scan their ticket and have it validated quickly and securely, either with low-cost smartphone hardware (perfect for handheld or bus) or scanners fitted to existing infrastructure such as fareboxes or gates.

The passenger simply shows their phone’s screen to the scanner, which validates the ticket in less than half of a second, faster than most smartcards, allowing the passenger to continue their journey with the minimum of interruption.

Secure Readable mTickets

mTickets are also available in a human readable format, delivered in conjunction with a barcode. They are designed to look and function like a normal paper ticket. In this format, staff can check an mTicket on a customer’s phone without scanning equipment.

The passenger ‘activates’ their mTicket before they travel, which marks it as being used. After being activated, the mTicket pulses with animated colour signatures that change over time to prevent fraud. Inspectors can verify the colours contextually or using a reference application on their own handset.

Contactless mTickets

When phones with secure contactless technology – e.g. Near Field Communications (NFC) – become widespread in the market, mTickets will also be available in this format. NFC is perfect for agencies that have made an investment in contactless infrastructure with existing contactless readers on station gates.

Furthermore emerging technologies such as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE, or ‘iBeacons’) offer not just the opportunity for contactless ticketing but much more passenger information beyond.

Smartphone Apps

Masabi’s smartphone apps are supported on the majority of phones being purchased today. Mobile handsets and platforms can be supported once they reach significant commercial volume.

Platforms Supported Include:

Quick and Easy Purchases

All major credit and debit cards accepted, including pre-pay and many corporate tax-free cards. For many customers, a transit ticket will likely be their first mobile purchase so ensuring this is quick and easy is vital.

Time Saving

The JustRide customer app remembers previous trips and payment details, making it possible to buy a ticket in seconds. No usernames or passwords to remember means that it is accessible for any customer.

No Cost

Mobile Ticketing apps are always free, which removes a barrier for many to download.

Award Winning Security

Masabi’s PCI DSS compliant payment security means customers can buy with confidence.

The Helpful Ticket

Paper tickets won’t be able to tell your riders if their train is on time or show them where they need to change on a map – JustRide applications do all this and more.

Ticket Validation, Management and Reporting

Mobile Ticketing gives you a new set of new tools for improving your agency operations giving you rider insight and tighter revenue controls.

Ticket Validation

Masabi research with the MTA, New York, showed that validating mobile tickets is just as quick as paper tickets that conductors have been checking for years. Scanning with low-cost smartphone scanners allows for fraud checks and data capture not possible with paper tickets.

Ticket Management

Changes to ticket data don’t require any more investment than the time taken for a few taps, with application and validation data updated immediately.

Reporting and Analytics

As well as ticket purchase reports, with customers activating their tickets and passes on mobile, rich data on ridership, efficiency and capacity can be revealed to help optimise your operations.

Why Passengers Love Mobile Ticketing

No more waiting in line

Lines at the ticket offices or machines are a source of frustration for every public transit rider. Self-serving Mobile Tickets allow them to skip the line, freeing up ticket office staff to help customers and those who choose not to use mobile ticketing, who get shorter lines.

No more messing around with cash

Fewer and fewer people are choosing to pay with cash, and for good reason. Fishing around for exact change when you could pay with one swipe is no contest. Mobile brings this convenience to the palm of every rider’s hand.

No more lost tickets

Paper tickets are easily lost and damaged – mTickets reside on the one device your riders never leave at home – their mobile.

Purchase a ticket in seconds

The first time your customers will buy a ticket on the JustRide mobile app it can take under 1 minute – the second time, under 10 seconds, with favourite journeys and card details securely saved.

Buy a ticket anywhere, any time

We don’t want to begin to imagine where mobile tickets have been bought… but we see ticket sales at all times of the day.

Top 8 Benefits of Mobile Ticketing for Mass Transit

Download the Top 8 Benefits of Mobile Ticketing for Mass Transit White Paper

Mobile ticketing for mass transit has been in use around the globe for a number of years.

In cities and transit networks where mobile ticketing has been deployed, adoption levels are on the increase and in some cases over 50% of tickets are sold via the mobile app.

Download the Top 8 Benefits of Mobile Ticketing for Mass Transit and learn why transit authorities and operators are deploying mobile ticketing across their networks.

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