Mobile Ticketing

The Ticket Machine in Your Pocket
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Mobile Ticketing for Public Transport

Mobile ticketing involves turning your mobile phone into both ticket machine and ticket. This removes the need for passengers to carry cash or wait in line to buy tickets. Transit agencies and operators around the globe are now able to deploy mobile ticketing services in weeks, providing a convenient and safe way to travel using public transit.

87% of Transit Agencies Have Implemented or are Implementing Mobile Ticketing.
Source: Mass Transit Research Report
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Mobile ticketing from Masabi.

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80% Mobile Ticketing Adoption
Bustang, Colorado, USA

The RTD in Denver Mobile Ticketing Case Study

Justride deployed in 2017.

7 Steps From Mobile Ticketing to Full Account-Based Ticketing

This post runs through a 7-step approach to helping agencies move to a fully contactless ticketing system. The process starts with mobile ticketing, which can be live in a few weeks, and progresses to Account-Based Ticketing and enabling Mobility-as-a-Service.

Nikko Kotsu mobile ticketing

Mobile Ticketing Live in Just 16 days for Nikko Kotsu Bus in Japan

We mark all our fastest deployments from contract signature to the day passengers can access services. In this case, it took just 16 days from us getting the nod, to being live on people’s phones.


Why Mobile Tickets MUST Work Offline

Mobile tickets that only work when online infuriate passengers and reduce uptake. We understand that mobile tickets must work offline to ensure passengers’ trust and use the service.

Mobile Ticketing City Bus

Boston MBTA Mobile Ticketing Passenger Feedback

Justride deployed in 2012. Adoption over 60% of fare revenue.